[ros-web] What to do?

Mark IJbema mark at ijbema.xs4all.nl
Wed Dec 22 02:02:36 CET 2004

On Tue, Dec 21, 2004 at 07:45:58PM -0500, Michael Jacobsen wrote:
> Freeworld (Michael Wirth) wrote:
> >I don't think that this needs an RSS Feed. I would like to have the 
> >'nightly' builds on our site and not spreaded over many other sites. 
> >This is one of my main goals for the new site.
> What I was actually meaning here is every time we have a 'non-nightly 
> build' release there should be a News Article about it. That way people 
> who use RSS readers to see what's going on with us at the moment will 
> see information about the new release.
> Anyone else out there care to throw in their $0.02

I just want to say i really love the idea of having rss feeds for
everything. I said some stuff before on why i don't really like
ezPublish (it contains some very crappy code, though i only looked at
one file (url/email highlighting), and i don't like the gpl-hostage
trick they pull (if you have a patch, they can't use it, since it's
automatically gpl and they can't use it in their paid version)). But
looking at it pragmaticly it might be best to stick to ezPublish, unless
someone has a lot of time.

If you ever need some small coding (php/javascript/html/perl/css/...)
feel free to ask, but i shouldn't start anything big atm, way too busy

You're totally right about the 'buzz' btw, we really need that. It
actually already improved a lot in the last year, but we can still do
better :)


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