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Wed Dec 22 13:03:26 CET 2004


"Michael Jacobsen" <m_jacobsen at verizon.net> wrote:

> Freeworld (Michael Wirth) wrote:
> > I don't like ezPublish at all but if you can show me that there 
> > is no need for a change I will not be stolid. What I also hate is 
> > the license and that you have to pay for every good feature 
> > (WYSIWYG editor...) Michael, could you pick up this job and 
> > update ezPublish?
> In some ways I agree that the ezPublish licensing system is a bit 
> of, well, crap. However, I am a firm believer in not tossing the 
> baby out with the bathwater on this one yet. EzPublish is a well 
> recognized and utilized WebCMS. The only reason I would posit 
> switching from ezPublish is if I honestly find that it A) Is not up 
> to the task of what we want it to do. B) Is not as good as other 
> OSS solutions out there that do what we want to do, easier and 
> better. or C) If I find an all around better solution.
> Drupal seems to me to be a good system simply based upon the fact 
> that it's far more pluggable than ezPublish. By pluggable I mean 
> that you can literally install a completely different templating 
> and switch the site over to it with just a few mouse clicks. (For 
> someone who's played with and used Zope a good bit, the thought of 
> using TAL, in the form of PHPTAL, for templating the site is nice.) 
> However, I don't want to give you the opinion that Drupal is the 
> end-all-be-all. It's got it's quirks and problems too. (Mainly the 
> 'permissions' system in Drupal is fairly new and relatively crude 
> and the i18n system I'm still looking at, looks a bit rough yet.)

How about Plone? It uses Zope as a base. Could be found from
www.plone.org. It seems quite flexible although I have played with
it only for one course. By the way it's OSS so no licencing fees.

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