Server transfer is over

Servers are finally migrated to new places!

The ReactOS server is finally fully migrated now to a new datacenter and new hardware, including mailing lists, webserver with
all its contents, SVN server, etc.
We had to change really a lot of stuff, to make future transfers easier, to prevent "slashdotting" and thus some of you
experienced problems using the website or services during the transfer period. I am very pleased to announce that now
everything is in place and is expected to work as it always did.

ReactOS 0.3.0 Released!

ReactOS 0.3.0 Released!

This release holds a few records - it is the most long-awaited release of ReactOS, it is the release which was preceded by 3 Release Candidates instead of usual 2, and at last ReactOS release never had so much changes since the last one.


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