ReactOS Status Report - 07/2006

ReactOS status report for July 2006

The second issue (07/2006) of the ReactOS status reports was published today by Aleksey Bragin (ReactOS Project Coordinator).
It's a general overview of the last 6 months of project's progress, with some additional information and future outlook.


The ReactOS status report is available in several document formats (doc, rtf, xml and plain text).

Summer Of Code Applications

Summer Of Code: Winning applications for ReactOS project

It's time to announce the results of the first phase of Google Summer Of Code project.
Some statistics: ReactOS has got 4 slots (our number desired projects was 12), and got around ~30 applications (plus 4 applications were classified as ineligible, and 2 more has been redirected to Google).

ReactOS and TinyKRNL projects' official relationship

ReactOS and TinyKRNL projects' official relationship

Prepared by Aleksey Bragin and Alex Ionescu, Project Coordinators.
There is a little information posted officially about TinyKRNL project and this provides a base for gossip to appear. This short article is intended to clear up official relations between these two projects.


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