ReactOS is dead, Welcome to ReactOS !

It is already a known fact that ReactOS project started
working again and that SVN servers are running since some days again.

But what has happened? We read so much in the news? What’s true?

Let’s summarize:

ReactOS project is Dead, welcome to ReactOS !

Every Opensource project can be split into 3 main phases:
- Starting and developing fundamental things
- Fixing then bugs, doing the long road of mprovements and enhancements
- Finding something where it can be used

Reset, Reboot, Restart, legal issues and the long road to 0.3

There has been a lot of talk about possible tainted code in ReactOS
and or developers that had access to leaked Microsoft source code.
This has caused a lot of speculation about the future of the ReactOS
Project. I'm going to try to put those fears to rest and explain what
has been going on and where we are going to go from here.


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