Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

2005 was a great year for ReactOS.
The following facts came from the SVN server (thanks to Casper Hornstrup):

  • The core ReactOS code base is now 120MB large.
  • The repository is currently 624MB large and contains ~20500 revisions.
  • ~8000 of these revisions were created in 2005.
  • This mean 39% of the total number of revisions created during ReactOS' entire 8 year history was created in 2005!

ReactOS Website facts:

Newsletter 9

  • Issue 9 of the Newsletter has landed
  • What is the 'Software Life Cycle'?
  • How far is ReactOS from Version 1.0?
  • SVN: The Week that Was
  • Next Week?

ReactOS Website Translation Process

ReactOS Website Translation Process - Community Challenge

I started the ReactOS Website Translation Process one week ago. My plan was to start it with an information in the ReactOS IRC Web Channel (#reactos-web). The idea was to allow a small group of translators to translate ReactOS web contents with the RosCMS interface.
Now, some interface bugs has been fixed and a lot of translated web contents has been added to the database (thanks to all contributors/translators).


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