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The ReactOS Foundation has a VeriSign code signing certificate that can be used to sign 64bit drivers for Windows. The Foundation is prepared to assist other open source projects that wish to distribute 64bit drivers but are not able to acquire a code signing certificate by signing their drivers. However, this offer is contingent on fulfilling the following conditions.

  • The Foundation will only sign open source drivers.
  • The interested party must find a ReactOS core developer willing to sponsor and code review their driver. The core developers who have expressed willingness to be approached for this are listed below, with the understanding that they will only review projects of interest to them:
    • Aleksey Bragin
    • Ged Murphy (may be inactive)
    • Note: Developers tend to be busy and may not immediately respond to a query. If a week or so goes by without a response, ping them again.
  • The Foundation will build the driver binary to sign. We will not accept a binary blob. This means all source code and tools needed to build the driver must be accessible by the Foundation.
  • The driver may not be used to circumvent security features in the OS. This includes trying to break DRM features such as secure processes.
  • The driver may not be used to engage in otherwise illegal activities beyond trying to circumvent security features in the OS.
  • A link back to the ReactOS homepage somewhere on the project/product's page. Preferably someplace that is easily sighted.

The Foundation is also willing to help sign executables of open source projects, though the build environment for the application must be easily duplicated. The Foundation will not maintain esoteric or complex build environments for third party software builds. An example of a straightforward build environment is something that uses Visual Studio, the Windows SDK, and/or the DirectX SDK with no additional external dependencies.

The Foundation reserves the right to decline signing a driver or executable even if the above conditions are met. General inquiries may be directed to Ziliang Guo (ziliang.guo at

Projects signed by the ReactOS Foundation