08 Jun 2019



GSoC 2019 - File Search (Update 1)


Hello, My name is Brock Mammen and I am a student for Google Summer of Code 2019. This is my second year as a GSoC student, but it is my first year contributing to ReactOS. My project is to create a search extension for the ReactOS shell. I am excited to learn more about how the shell works and how to use ATL and COM to create user interfaces.

Windows XP Search Bar

The search feature will be based on the one available in Windows XP. The UI will be displayed in a vertical bar that opens on the left side of the window. It can be accessed by using the Search button in the toolbar at the top, the View menu, or the with the shortcut Ctrl+E.

First Progress Update

The search bar opens as it should and it contains a basic UI with controls for the search. Its appearance could certainly be improved, but it will suffice for now. I plan on revisiting it later because it is more important for me to focus on the functionality of this project. The next step is to create the shell view that will display the search results in the files and folders area to the right.

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