They're talking about ReactOS 0.4.12 (even if we're just Alpha) You're just a click away from discovering a new alternative!

ReactOS is a Free Community Opensource Collaborative Compatible operating system.

Our Features


500MB HDD and 96MB RAM

From Scratch

This is not Linux mimicking Windows.

9,000,000+ lines of code

And growing!

100+ devs

Have contributed along the years.


Classical and ReactOS Lautus styles.

Tons of Open Modules

From Games to Drivers: Open Source and Free.

Ready to Install...

Download our BootCD.

...or to Try.

Download our LiveCD.

and more...

ReactOS looks like Windows and nowadays is able to run many Windows applications.

See it in action!

Our Daily Builds have the latest fixes integrated. A nice option if you don't want to wait 'till the next official release!

Download here!

The best way to have your application or piece of hardware supported is to properly report bugs. Fast and easy!

Report it!

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