[TUT] How to create a boot-able ReactOS CD in Linux

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[TUT] How to create a boot-able ReactOS CD in Linux

Post by Fraizeraust » Sun Sep 17, 2017 3:53 pm

This guide is aimed towards novice Linux users for the purpose is to get a fully working boot-able ReactOS CD in Linux ecosystems.

Requirements needed to begin

:arrow: A blank CD-R or CD-RW disk
:arrow: Xfburn (* - read the note below) software
:arrow: A CD-ROM drive which supports burning option (IMPORTANT! - You won't be able to burn CDs if your drive doesn't support such feature!)

Personally I'd prefer CD-RW disks over CD-R ones as you would need to erase and burn the disk over again to check that anything doesn't break the compatibility considering ReactOS Team releases trunk revisions and stable releases from time to time.

*I don't have Xfburn! What should I do now?

If you do not have Xfburn installed onto your machine you can get it through main repository. Synaptic Package Manager is a good tool to search for software packages. For odd reason, however, you do not have Synaptic then the only solution is to install Xfburn via Terminal. Remember, each command below is based upon the package manager implemented in your distribution. You will be prompted for the root password by sudo in order to proceed.

// For Debian based systems (.deb)

Code: Select all

sudo apt-get install xfburn
// For Red Hat based systems (.rpm)

Code: Select all

sudo yum install xfburn
// For Arch based systems (.pkg.tar.xz)

Code: Select all

sudo pacman -S xfburn

How to burn the disk

To begin with, insert a blank CD-R or CD-RW disk onto the CD-ROM drive. Xfburn is usually located in Multimedia section on most Linux distros. Once you found it, launch the software. Afterwards you'll see four options offered by Xfburn, our main goal is to make a boot-able ReactOS CD disk. For that matter, click on Burn Image!

Once done, a new windows pops up with various options and fields. These fields are categorised as follows:

Image to burn - In this field you must search for the ReactOS ISO image in your PC. You can burn whether a LiveCD or BootCD, it doesn't matter;
Burning device - This is your CD-ROM burner device. It's detected by the software automatically, you do not need to touch that option;
Speed - The write on disk speed, you can choose any value as you wish. By default it's Max;
Write mode - How the CD is actually written, by default it's Auto. Better keep Auto as the option for writing;
Options - There are several options marked below by default which those are Eject Disk, BurnFree and Stream Recording. It's recommended to keep these settings if you don't want to mess up stuff.

Finally, click on Burn image and wait for some minutes until Xfburn finishes burning the CD. Congratulations, you got a boot-able ReactOS CD now! Enjoy! :D

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