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NEW VIDEO: Install ReactOS on a Synology NAS / Server (ReactOS 0.4.11 Nightly Build)

Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2018 11:46 pm
by techtalk
I recently purchased a DS918+ Synology NAS (Dedicated Home/Business Server) and decided to try installing ReactOS under the Virtual Machine Manager (VMM). This video will show you how to install ReactOS on a Synology NAS running within VMM. It will step you through downloading ReactOS, setting up VMM, Installing ReactOS, acquiring/installing the Network Drivers and demonstrate installing applications from the ReactOS Application Manager (primarily Firefox).

Some advantages that I can think of:
  • Run as-needed without slowing down your primary computer or utilizing local disk space
  • You can easily create a large library of ReactOS VMs of various versions and swap easily (or run concurrently depending on core allocation)
  • VMs can easily be stopped/started on-demand for release/debug builds
  • Library of ISOs (ReactOS builds) can be kept on the server without the need to transfer locally/re-download to build with VB/VMWare
Check out the video below:

For additional videos, please see my signature. There are some others that cover installing ReactOS to a Virtual Box VM, REAL HARDWARE and setting up the audio drivers, etc.