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Theme installation

Post by Haos » Mon Oct 10, 2011 11:28 pm

1. You will need the theme itself, as msstyles file in your ROS install. Usually those are small enough to fit them onto floppy/floppy image.
2. Boot ReactOS to desktop, then run Start->Programs->Administrative Tools->Service Manager. Locate Themes service, set it to automatic, start it and reboot ReactOS cleanly (Restart button or shutdown -r command). If you will not do it cleanly, the settings will be lost.
3. After booting with Themes service running, you are almost there. Now navigate to ReactOS directory, within it create a new directory: resources. In resources, create one more directory - themes.
4. In themes directory, you will need one more (last one, i promise) directory, with the same name as the msstyles file. In my example, i uses the great theme made by Pisarz (available in Design section for download) called Lautus.
My path is then following: C:\ReactOS\resources\themes\Lautus\ and into Lautus directory you need to copy Lautus.msstyles - if you use another theme, the dir name should ALWAYS be the same as msstyles filename.
5. Now you can run desk.cpl and in Appearance tab you will be able to pick your chosen theme (Visual Style). Apply.

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