ReactOS crash!

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ReactOS crash!

Post by dagobertdu94 » Sun Dec 17, 2017 10:38 pm


I installed ReactOS on my computer and I tried to start it normally but it crashes.
It run only if I use the safe mode and normal ReactOS.
Can somebody help me?

Thanks for some answers! :)

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Re: ReactOS crash!

Post by dizt3mp3r » Sun Dec 17, 2017 11:06 pm

First simple question, did you read the installation guide? I always ask this first as it tends to help later. Please confirm that you did.
I'm sure all here will be able to help you but you need to answer that question first, then give us some idea of what hardware you are installed onto, we'll need a lot more detail than "my computer"!

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Re: ReactOS crash!

Post by middings » Fri Dec 22, 2017 3:16 am

A good support request includes all the information necessary for someone else to reproduce your problem.

A support request should also include a description of the hardware and software used. Describe them as precisely as possible. Include links to the hardware manufacturer's specifications page and to the download page of application software (as applicable). If using virtual machine (VM) software to run ReactOS, identify the VM and the settings used.

If ReactOS displayed its bug check screen (BSOD) then provide a debug backtrace. The first post of the topic "[ReadThis]ReactOS doesn't work in my computer!!" describes how to obtain a copy of a debug backtrace by taking a digital picture of the computer's screen.

Also, using a generic name such as "ReactOS crash!" for your topic is discouraged. (You are not the first person ever to see ReactOS crash.) Preferred topic names for the Support forum are short yet describe something particular about the problem.

P.S. The installation guide is not easy to find. From the home page, choose Discover More! [button] > Testing! / Installing ReactOS [menu item]. At this time, those instructions are mostly to caution the prospective ReactOS experimenter to install ReactOS on a virtual machine. For more complete instructions, choose the link indicated by the text "more detailed guide". This link is near the bottom of the web page.

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