K_MODE_EXCEPTION while install on real hardware

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K_MODE_EXCEPTION while install on real hardware

Post by sverx » Wed May 18, 2005 4:52 pm

i've got a problem which looks like the one described here :
but happens when the installation begin, not at the end.

It says:

scsiport.sys address:0x9cbcf802 baseat 0x9cbcc000 datestamp 0x0
Page Fault Exception 14 (2) <scsiport.sys:3802>

My PC is a k6II 350 with 64MB Ram and has a 850 MB IDE HD and a IDE CD-Rom...

I'm trying to figure out where's the problem but I can't do that by myself, I had the same problem with ROS 0.2.5 and I was going to abandon the idea but then I saw that new 0.2.6 ... well, nothing changed :|


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