We've invested a great deal of time and effort to making building ReactOS as painless as possible and the ReactOS Build Environment is the fruit of those labors. Instead of requiring you to go and hunt down a half dozen different packages, the RosBE bundles all of the tools needed to get started with ReactOS development.

  • CMake - The build generation program used to describe the source code of ReactOS so that a variety of compiler toolchains can be used to build it.
  • GCC - The default compiler provided by ReactOS that has been tested to work with the project's source code. This is the very same version used by the team from individual developers to the build servers.
  • SVN - ReactOS uses Subversion for code checkout and the commandline client is bundled with RosBE to make things even simpler for developers.*
  • Other utilities - Over the years the developers have put together to help ease their work. Several of these have been bundled as part of the BE to make it even easier to work with.*

The Build Environment ultimately has a lot of features and options available in it. Once you're ready to take the plunge and start your first build of ReactOS, head on over to the detailed technical guides to download and use it.

*Bundled with the Windows version of RosBE only