15 Apr 2007



Newsletter 22

A New Volume

When Samuel took over the newsletter, there was no guideline as to what constituted a Volume.  After talking to him, we decided to mark Volumes by year.  This means that Volume 1 had nine issues from 2005, Volume 2 had five issues from 2006, and Volume 3 has eight issues and counting in 2007.  And now we continue the biweekly rotation of who writes the meat of the article.  Samuel will continue to provide the statistics from SVN and bugzilla though.

Minor and Major Developments

Not much has actually happened within the last two weeks.  Aleksey Bragin is on vacation and the plan is to branch 0.3.2 after his return.  Magnus Olsen has been cleaning up DX headers and updating them as he finds them on his harddrive.  He had suffered a crash and is trying to avoid losing any of the actual data.  The only news item of major longterm significance would be the new documentation system being set up by Timo Kreuzer.  Known as Physicus on IRC and ThePhysicist on the forums, he has been working on the code for it for quite some time.  A simple preview and test was available on his website, but they were only of two minor pieces of code and formatting issues existed.  The importance of this system cannot be overestimated.  ReactOS' weakest point is still the state of its documentation.  While one could look at the code, trying to figure out the relationships between various files, data structures, and functions can get very difficult.  Kreuzer's system would help alleviate much of this issue and make it easier for newcomers to understand what the code is doing.  Kreuzer recently ran a test of the system on the entire tree.  After some more tweaking and formatting corrections, it will be usable by the general public.  I personally have been asking for such a system for a long time, but the limited development resources worked against its creation.  This tool is another important addition to ReactOS' infrastructure so be sure to congratulate him once it goes live.

SVN Summary

  • dgorbachev - Reorganized language/resource files, commited several translations and fixed several bugs.
  • ekohl - a lot of work on control panel applets and related functionality.
  • fireball - improved code correctness, fixed kernel bugs and removed compiler warnings.
  • gedmurphy - rewrote tracert, worked on charmap and Html Help(hh.exe).
  • greatlrd - worked on GDI callbacks for DirectX, updated ReactOS DX SDK headers, updated freetype and dejavu.
  • ion - refactored and cleanup some kernel IO and PNP routines, refactored null and fs_rec drivers, fixed several kernel bugs.
  • janderwald - started work on ODBC control panel app.
  • spectrolle - fixed minor UI and language issues, updated translations.
  • tkreuzer - worked on win32k, improved code and behavior to match that of windows.

BugZilla Activity

48 bugs were active, in the period from 2007-04-02 to 2007-04-15. Recent bugzilla spam(the nasty virus infected kind) was deleted, even in the history, and will not reflect anywhere.

  • 24 new bugs, 2 already marked fixed.
  • A total of 12 bugs were fixed, 1 marked duplicate.
  • Oldest bug fixed was 1737 "update file" (refering to winmine).
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