January 2019 meeting minutes

19:00 UTC
Mattermost meeting channel


Meeting started at 19:00 by Colin Finck, which is our first on Mattermost!

  • Point 1: Status Reports
  • Point 2: Mattermost
  • Point 3: Google Summer of Code 2019
  • Point 4: TeamCity

Point 1: Status Reports

Alexander Rechitskiy did several bug reports and rechecked old bug reports. He conducted an experiment on crowdfunding work of Katayama Hirofumi MZ. Apart from that, he also did PR work.

December 2018 meeting minutes

19:00 UTC


Meeting started at 19:15 by Colin Finck.

  • Point 1: Status Reports
  • Point 2: NT6+ strategy
  • Point 3: Compilers upgrade

Point 1: Status Reports

Amine Khaldi reported that he worked on Wine syncs.


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