05 мая 2014



Tweaks and improvements

Sorry for the delay! Drupal was causing issues on submitting new things.

This week I continued what I was doing the previous one.

I focused my efforts in the browse window, tweaking the existing code, fixing logic issues and cleaning up the code a bit.

There were some visual differences that were easy to fix, and others that will require a lot of work.

I added some code to extract the icon and show it in the titlebar. I fixed the window style of the rebar, so that it shows the border around the toolbars. I fixed the size calculation for the bars, which worked mostly in Windows 2003, but it was completely broken in Windows 7. The new way is less elegant, but more robust.

Then, I noticed that although I didn’t think the Lock option was working, it turns out it was. I compared the locked and unlocked modes, and noticed some alignment differences in the toolbar. I traced it to a missing flag (misleadingly named “ALWAYSGRIPPER”, but apparently when it IS set, it fixes the margin, while keeping it unset, makes the margin not adapt to the absence of a gripper).

The result, at this point, looked like this:


Later, I started looking at different things. I started looking at the addressbar, then I also started researching about the internet security zones (the panel at the right of the statusbar), but I decided to leave that one for later, since it’s the least important. I looked a bit at the sidebars, but only superficially. Someone on IRC mentioned themes, so I decided to enable a theme in Windows 2003, and see how it looks. And this is the result, edited it so that both windows have the focus at the same time:


Last, a sneak preview of what’s coming this next week:


Thank you and until next weekend!

Discussion: https://www.reactos.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=13285

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