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What's New in 0.4.1

-Fixed kernel32:ldr so application manifests can be loaded now. This fixes numerous apps.
-acpica updated to 20160308.
-libpng updated to 1.6.19. 
-Basic EFI/UEFI support added along with SecureBoot.
-Added shared folders support for VirtualBox and VMware.
-Fixed network places enumerating. Now a letter to network drive can be assigned. 
-Hacks for two VM softwares now removed.
-Fixes for CMLIB, CM in kernel and registry.
-Some fixes to 1st stage setup for partition issues.
-Improved support for Ext2, added Btrfs and ReiserFS filesystem support. ReiserFS waits to be activated.
-Fixed Explorer not loading 16-bit app icons.
-Fixed BSoDs caused from floppy drives.
-Full read/write support for clipboard.
-Fixes for NTFS read support, write support is underway.
-NVIDIA display drivers can now be loaded.
-Fixes for Win32 subystem, less glitches or lockups.
-Synced user-mode DLLs with Wine Staging 1.9.4.
-Various fixes for location/language related settings.
-Added Windows 3.1 style Program Manager from Wine Staging 1.9.5.
-8.3 short file name issues and some filesystem corruptions fixed.
-Added compatibility settings started with Windows XP, but not activated. More work required.
-Some fixes to RAPPS.
-Various fixes in ATL and shell32.
-Delay-load support, required by various apps.
-Folder Options page in shell, but as a skeleton.
-Various fixes for compiling with MSVC.
-Various new translations and icons.

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