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What's New in 0.4.3

-Fixes for Common Cache continue for reducing crashes.
-Implemented copy on write support for ARM3 page fault handler and support for ARM3 sections.
-Some more improvements in Memory Manager to pass more tests.
-Bad PTE BSoDs fixed.
-Fixes for legacy paging to reduce out of memory crashes.
-KDGDB improvements.
-Some improvements in Executive.
-Some deadlocks fixed.
-A nasty disk reading bug was fixed.

Win32 subsystem:
-Some more key combination issues fixed.
-Fixes for path issues.
-Keyboard layout switch now works properly.
-Less crashes.
-Window class versioning implemented to prepare for future theming work.
-In NTVDM, some video progress.
-An exception handler implemented, bugs don't get hidden. Not included on release
-Some syncs to Wine.
-user32 improvements.

-Some NTFS read issues fixed.
-Major leak fixes in FAT32 driver.

-Added basic filter driver.
-Added USB Audio driver. Not yet finished.
-Some fixes in TCP/IP driver.
-Some leaks fixed in USB. More to come.

-Fixed some bugs and crashes.
-Added some error and warning messages.
-Some new icons.

System DLLs:
-In kernel32, some more flags were implemented to fix character/codepage issues.
-Major NLS improvements.
-Some more progress on lsa and advapi32 DLLs.
-8.3 filename issues fixed.

User-mode DLLs:
-WinSock 2 DLL was rewritten.
-Major leak fixes and new implementations in networking DLLs. This will make possible much apps starting and fixing connection problems.
-mpr is vastly improved and now usable. Virtual folders is fully functional, hackssign app now removed.
-Some more progress on crt and apphelp.
-In msgina, screen fade-out and shutdown dialog implemented like Windows XP.
-Progress on atl.
-Some error messages were silenced in regsvr32.

Commands and utilities:
-In Control Panel, keyboard settings was rewritten.
-Event Log Viewer and Service was fixed.
-ping, more commands rewritten. net command improved.
-Paint now uses GDI+/ATL headers. Also, it's now possible to open various picture files with Paint.

-Synced user-mode DLLs with Wine Staging 1.9.16.
-Synced Btrfs driver to 0.6.

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