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Note of discontinuation

Mumble is no longer used by the ReactOS project, instead the official way to chat is via the Mattermost server. You can either download the client or simply visit the web page at

Original document

For historical purposes, here's the original document on the Mumble server. The ReactOS Project has set up a Mumble Server in February 2015 to improve collaboration on the project. It can be used by both project members and non-members to discuss about ReactOS development and usage.

Server details

Please ensure that you use Mumble version >= 1.2.4 before connecting.

If you have a ReactOS Development Account, use its username and password to login to the server. Only this gives you access to moderated channels.



  • ReactOS – The General ReactOS Channel, open for everybody
  • ReactOS-Dev – ReactOS Development Channel, moderated


For ReactOS discussions, open for everybody:

There may be additional channels at times. You can also set up temporary channels for private discussions.


In case of problems or questions regarding the Mumble Server, please contact the ros-dev mailing list.