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I do not know which enconding ReactOS use on serial line.

My computer is a linux debian 4.0, configured in utf-8.

When debug print filenames, I do not have correct characters for non-ASCII characters.

What options allow to have debug in utf-8?

Doubt:Wine Debugging Style

Which components can be set at set DEBUGCHANNEL? +msi,+ole...which are the others?Are there a list of Components?or a place where i can find them? ;) Please,link it. Also: If i add #include "debug.h" to a WINE file, can i use the DPRINT1?or should i keep fixed to TRACEs? Vicmarcal

The name of the component is mentioned in the files. Look for something like wine_debugchannel(modulename);
All module outputs can be enabled too, should be +all. This not usable at all since the log is basically flooded. No clue if it works atm, was broken some time ago.
My rule of thumb: don't mix dprints and traces. Had some weird bugs doing that. Use FIXME if you want an DPRINT1 alternative which fires all the time. --Grschneider 18:11, 26 November 2009 (UTC)