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Full name: Can Taşan

ReactOS name: ctasan (Also sometimes appearing in IRC)

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

E-mail: betax34 at nospam hotmail dot com

About me

Hi! I was born in December 21, 1999, and now studying medicine. I use Windows since 2003. In 2012 I started testing Windows betas as a hobby, also later became a BetaArchive user in the nick of cantasan99.

In Feb'14 I have explored ReactOS, and become a  member in here. Was not able to do too much about testing, but reported some bugs. Since Oct'15, I'm the Turkish translator of Wine.

Since 0.4.1, I have started Community Changelogs, now it's growing and prepared by many members. (NOT requesting any copyright, it's community's)

I love you all!