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Hi! Welcome to my page! I live in Indiana/USA. You may see me a bit on the IRC chat. I'm a kid who LOVES technology. I have 2 Raspberry Pi's. I even have my own website! I made my website from scratch, not by making it from one of those websites that makes you a website. My actual OS is Windows 10 Pro (Insider). I run ReactOS on VirtualBox. I work with a group called "Lastmagichackers" we do hackathons. We currently only have done one hackathon. Check out my groups website! Made by yours truely.

What I do

I test programs and games and put them on the list of tested programs. I mostly test popular programs that people would use, but sometimes I test programs I like or programs that may benefit other users.

Tested Programs

Here is a list of the programs I tested!

Program Version ReactOS Result
Notepad++ 6.9 14b05e6 Not fully tested.
VLC Media Player 2.2.2 14b05e6 Works
CPU-Z 1.82.1 14b05e6 Runs okay. Major: ALL images flicker and the system lags very badly. "Fix: Drag window around but images will be messed up or disappear" Minor: Doesn't detect GPU or SPD "Maybe because i'm using a VM"
PCSX2 1.4.0 14b05e6 Installer worked. Failed: When trying to run setup it hangs the system. Cursor moves. Tab + K doesn't even bsod or hang the cursor.

Created Templates

Here's a list of the Templates I created!

Blank Alert
Deleted soon
Clickable button
Little info

"Me" Table

Me table
Name: Auron Hines

Birthday: February 15

Current date: May 20, 2019

ReactOS commitment: Tester, wiki spell checker.