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  • Created the first css/xhtml v1.0 transitional version of the current ReactOS website design from Frik's original. [1]
  • Fixed compiling on FreeBSD (v5.x and lower) with help from eri-- (r18952)

List of layout inconsistancys with

  • Search & Account menus need spacing out in Firefox (as seen on the wiki)
Fixed With:
Inserted below the Search< menu and above the Account menu.
  • The right bar (actually its changed from when i first looked at this, each paragraph is spaced out far to much also titles, IE only) on the main page isnt contained properly (this is obvious when viewed in IE, is this intentional?)
  • If you look closely at the right bar on the index page, some of the elements have different padding/margins on the right hand side.
  • Bugzilla menu on the Bugzilla page is oddly spaced. Possibly the Account menu aswell.
  • Password field is smaller than the username in RosCMS cogin.
  • Language drop down isnt padded ont he RosCMS login page.