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  • CC: Finalized read ahead and lazy writing implementation. Fixed lots of bugs and deadlocks. Fixed random behaviours. (Pierre Schweitzer)
  • MM: Fixed a page mapping issue causing corruptions. (Thomas Faber)
  • KE: Fixed a loop indefinitely trying to figure out CPU frequency. This eliminates a boot delay. (Thomas Faber)
  • IO: Implemented support for reserve IRP. This is critical for low memory situations. (Pierre Schweitzer)
  • PNP: Minor enhancements. (Hermes Belusca-Maito)

Win32 subsystem:

  • win32k/ntuser: Fixed some regressions. (Thomas Faber)
  • win32k/ntuser: Fixed some menu issues. (Thomas Faber)
  • win32k: Filled a gap that affected window stations. This prevents system from messing up. (Hermes Belusca-Maito)
  • winsrv: Hard errors are sent to desktop now. (Hermes Belusca-Maito)
  • Some fixes for font substitutes. (Mark Jansen)
  • usersrv: Various hard error improvements. (Hermes Belusca-Maito)


  • i8042prt: Fixed keyboard bug on Lenovo ACPI. (Nikita Krapivin)
  • usbport: Merged transaction translator support. This is crucial for various USB 2.0 controllers, and will fix lots of boot problems with USB enabled. (Vadim Galyant, Colin Finck)


  • Fixed locking and unlocking taskbar. (Giannis Adamopoulos)
  • Implemented showing hard error balloon. (Hermes Belusca-Maito)
  • Fixed some icon problems. (Hermes Belusca-Maito)

System DLLs:

  • hal: Fixed two stack overflows, one in interrupt handlers. (Thomas Faber)
  • ntdll/ldr: Overhaul side-by-side support. This will help application compatibility. (Giannis Adamopoulos)
  • advapi32: Some improvements to services. (Hermes Belusca-Maito)
  • advapi32: Fixed service stopping sequence. (Eric Kohl)
  • kernel32: Added Vista exports. (Timo Kreuzer)

User-mode DLLs:

  • shell32: Implemented right click drag menu. (Giannis Adamopoulos)
  • shell32: Fixed some more memory leaks. (Giannis Adamopoulos)
  • shell32: Improved folder type names. (Mark Jansen)
  • dxtn: Replaced and finally enabled. This will bring lots of improvements for apps using graphics heavily. (Colin Finck)
  • beepmidi: Fixed busy wait when no notes are playing. (Thomas Faber)
  • windowscodecs: Fixed stack corruption when showing PNGs. (Thomas Faber)
  • afd: Some bugs are fixed in socket connection. (Mark Jansen)
  • msvcrt: Various fixes to file (descriptor) functions. (Thomas Faber)
  • apisets: Added apiset DLLs from Wine for forwards application compatibility. (Mark Jansen)
  • zipfldr: Added ZIP shell extension along with zlib library. (Mark Jansen)
  • syssetup: Added more pages for settings of various hardware. WORK IN PROGRESS (Eric Kohl)

Commands and utilities:

  • rapps: Replaced extract with FDI for handling cabinet files. (Alexander Shaposhnikov)
  • services: Update a driver's status properly. (Eric Kohl)
  • services: Fixed service stopping sequence. (Eric Kohl)
  • sc: Many improvements to this command. (Eric Kohl)
  • net: Many improvements to this command. (Eric Kohl)
  • sndvol32: Added volume tray dialog. Added small master dialog. Fixed various dialogs. (Eric Kohl)
  • drwtsn32: Various improvements to Dr. Watson. (William Kent, Mark Jansen)
  • dhcpcsvc: DHCP client can be stopped now. (Eric Kohl)
  • tftpd: Added Open TFTP Server. (Hermes Belusca-Maito)
  • eventvwr: Major improvements for Event Viewer. Added command line support. (Hermes Belusca-Maito)
  • mspaint: Fixed crash on zoom-out. (Stanislav Motylkov)


  • User-mode DLLs are synced with Wine Staging 3.3. (Amine Khaldi)
  • Various x64 boot fixes have been made. More work needed. (Timo Kreuzer)
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