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(known unfixed regressions in descending order of introduction)
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== known unfixed regressions in descending order of introduction ==
== known unfixed regressions in descending order of introduction ==

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This page is related to an upcoming release

ReactOS 0.4.9 is not released yet, the information on this page is referring to the future release of ReactOS 0.4.9.
A Release Engineer should remove this notification once the version is released.

known unfixed regressions in descending order of introduction

0.4.9-dev-762-g94ead99 CORE-14601 ReactOS sporadically fails to boot in 2nd setup stage in VirtualBox Symbol oppose vote.png (would be nice to see a fix for this as revert is no option)

0.4.9-dev-719-gb3fb855 CORE-14619 themed squared/circled checkboxes

0.4.8-dev-882-gae391dd CORE-14431 cabman built with GCC fails silently when creating vgafonts on x64

0.4.8-dev-8XX CORE-14262 explorer systray notification area - icon crosstalk on NIS_SHARED or NIS_HIDDEN

0.4.8-dev-739-gf8b992f CORE-14646 [msi] 1C Enterprise is not installed

r75944 CORE-13952 Flash player online setup Winesync 2.16 regression

r75677 CORE-13722 792kByte RAM increase by moving some bmp resources around

r75607 CORE-14009 blank icons in livecd for desktop-lnk cmd & readme & QuickLaunch

r74380 CORE-13176 dragndrop many files at once broken

r74136 CORE-14622 [comctl32] Regression Background Colour is displayed grey but should be white in setup wizard of Antivir

r73900 CORE-14044 MS Tahoma regular needs to be installed twice to get used

r73806 CORE-13278 regression wiggle flicker Symbol oppose vote.png

r73486 CORE-12614 empty "documents and settings" folder created

r68904 CORE-10855 [WIN32SS] Regression when drawing window caption bars

r68838 CORE-12752 relocation conflict user32 vs MSVCP71.dll (I have a hackfix)

r66418 CORE-14209 IDA 5 toolbar disabled icons (revert makes no sense)

r63994 CORE-11537 [SECUR32] QIP 2005 8095 startup regression

r62982 CORE-12091 Tahoma fi/fli (in RichEd)

regressions already hidden by last-second-commits for this release

0.4.9-dev-155-g9987f02 CORE-14637 VLC video playback freezes the system Symbol oppose vote.png (reverted to 0.4.8rls, no other solution known)

0.4.9-dev-155-g9987f02 CORE-14534 Regression: DDraw video output regressed for many applications Symbol oppose vote.png (reverted to 0.4.8rls, eventually I'll switch to ThFabba patch later)

0.4.8-dev-779-gcd992d0 CORE-14226 commit gave USP speedup but regressed UltraISO (we have a patch like in 0.4.8)

0.4.8-dev-503-gf318a25 CORE-14433 comctlv5 vs v6 icons "Save as" dialog (eventually we can revert again like in 0.4.8)

0.4.8-dev-215-gfd34548 CORE-14067 cdfs_new exceptions & assertions (I will mute the assertions again if nothing happens like in 0.4.8)

r73442 CORE-12616 37temp+272kbyteRAM (we have a patch, like in 0.4.8)

r73436 CORE-13172 VBox graphics drivers install regression (I will revert if nothing happens, like in 0.4.8)

r72495 CORE-11915 exception masking (I will apply the usual hider, like in 0.4.8)

r70292 CORE-12520 QBittorent BSOD (I will apply fix from CORE-14048, like in 0.4.8)

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