[ros-dev] Re: New OS built on ReactOS and WinuxOS technology!

Rafal Kupiec betacomp at gmail.com
Sat Jun 4 19:04:55 CEST 2005

We're going to follow Windows arch, becouse Windows isn't really bad OS,
It only often hangs up. Making HostiliX we want to do new OS that will
be able to run Windows Applications and drivers. Why? There's a lot of
great programs and I think the most drivers for this OS (eg. there's no
drovers for Canon i560 pronter for Linux). All hardware manufacturers do
drivers for Windows, so we want to HostiliX be able to support them.

Why we don't help ReactOS to make it better?
We hate your policy. You want to do Windows NT clone, so must you do
for. example explorer? Cannot you do any other application? A few days
ago I asked on ReactOS forum why your Task Manager looks buggy? e7
answered me: "Because ReactOS is still a alpha version (0.3svn), and the
developers have other things todo (extend API, let applications and
drivers work...)" It's your policy, that I don't understand. Why are you
doing new think incompletelly? You want to do all at the same time! But
we want to do less than you but better. We'll not help you, becouse we
don't want to repair your bugs(eg. taskmgr). Why taskmgr is buggy?
Becouse someone who developed it stoped working on it and I think start
working on somethink else. I personally don't do all system ingredients.
I do only one thing.

Ge van Geldorp wrote:
>>From: Rafal Kupiec
>>I don't understand yours policy. Maybe HostiliX is compatible 
>>with Windows and based on ReactOS, but we don't want to do 
>>Windows NT clone, that ReactOS is. HostiliX will only support 
>>for Windows apps and drivers. It will also have its' own subsystem.
> Ok, you don't want to clone MS Windows, but it's totally unclear to me what
> you do want to do then. Doesn't supporting Windows apps and drivers kind of
> imply that you're going to follow the Windows architecture? What features
> will HostiliX have besides the support for Windows apps and drivers?
> Writing your own subsystem is something you could do inside the ReactOS
> project.
> Gé van Geldorp.

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