[ros-dev] Frist test of clipboard patch from SoC project

Magnus Olsen magnus at itkonsult-olsen.com
Mon Aug 28 01:33:39 CEST 2006

I I got the clipboard patch from thomas and waiting on the final dectsions from him. 
Thomas need some time to review it. for it is around 121Kbytes big

I did test it in ReactOS and I alot happy 
1. Copy text and picture betwin program is working with this big patch 
2. Copy file from one place to anyther working. But I wisch it show file copy when it doing it
3. copy file to the desktop does not working nug in explore ??
4. move icon on the desktop is a new bug in win32k. 
5. mark the text is white background with white text instead for invert background with white text 
6. cut/copy/paste is working
7. keys like cut/copy/paste (ctrl+x,ctrl+c,ctrl+v) is working in all program I tested. 

 say this patch is really good sussess and adding a clipboard to reactos. that working betwin program and u can copy/paste files and more

I say it it is up to thomas to aprove the code. I have not looked at the code at, more that a fast preview. 
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