[ros-dev] Regarding moderator status in the Forums.

victor martinez vicmarcal at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 23 13:33:03 CET 2009


The work of a moderator inside ReactOS Forum is to try to avoid confrontations and trying to not cause flamewars.Of course this is quite difficult as moderators are real persons which also are involved in ReactOS development, so any criticism is taken from a more personal point of view. Nute seems to be a "special" person in the forum (as z98 has stated too), inside any forum you will find a lot of these "special people" so patience is wellcome.
Renaming the thread to "Nute´s playground" maybe was trying to be funny, but it goes against the first sentence in this Mail,"Avoiding confrontations",and heating the thread.From my pov Moderators should try to give the less opinions as possible, since Moderators&Developers opinions are quite representative of ReactOS project or maybe not(since opinions are like asses and eveyone has one)but external people links those opinions to ReactOS project itself.IF nute says "Someone is a Jerk" then the answer moderator would be: "You are violating Forum rule #3: "Rispect for the Users and their opinions".Edit or you will be banned. Next violation insite this thread will lead to a Lock".That´s not an opinion just a fact. A Moderator is a God, and Gods usually doesnt talk with normal people(at least never with me),and much less they dont go into any "Forum" fight.
Maybe moderators should have 2 different users: one the "Moderator user" which just appears to warn and in fights time. And another "Normal User" that could be used to give his own opinion without the Moderator opinion-limitations, but of course both under the limitations of the Forum rules.


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