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Enrico Weigelt weigelt at metux.de
Tue Feb 17 14:15:32 CET 2004

* KJK::Hyperion <noog at libero.it> [2004-02-17 00:33:47 +0100]:

Hi folks,

> for me it's finally and actually learning Windows. Just giving up and using 
> another system? _how convenient_. And it's not like just for wanting to 
> develop an open source operating system you *must* contribute to Linux - 
> what makes people think that? 
Well, I just thought about GNU/Linux since its one of the most used 
opensource operating systems. 

I personally migrated to GNU/Linux some years ago, because its architecture
is much better for my tasks than windows - for me windows is too desktop-centric
But I also like to run many windows applications on my system, as long as 
they're not available for GNU/Linux.

> I hate Linux, why should I care?
Why exactly do you hate it ?

> >Where are the (conceptional) differences ?
> you really *don't want* to get in a discussion with *me* about differences 
> between Windows and Linux. I'm pretty much doomed to be always right about 
> the topic, having spent countless hours of my life studying it. Let's put 
> it this way: they are roughly *equivalent*, but in no way *interchangeable*
For me the differences are important since I'd like to use windows applications
on other platforms like GNU/Linux or BSD.

> >And why implement _Windows_ and not a good system which allows running old 
> >windows applications ?
> ReactOS *is* meant as "a good system which allows running old windows 
> applications"

Perhaps it was a misunderstanding. I meant a "good operating system" which
can be used for many tasks, not just running windows applications.
So this would end up in a windows subsystem.

Well, let me ask the question in a diffrent way:

What are the existing kernels/operating systems are missing that you
require a completely new kernel. Writing a good operating system from scratch
is a very huge job - i.e. linux has taken many years to come to the point
where it is.

> >>>So what are the advantages of another own kernel against a subsystem in 
> >>>another host operating system ?
> >>it makes us 63.2% cooler
> >ah, no rational reason, just for fun.
> no, I'm just saying it to confuse you 

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