[ros-kernel] I have improved ReactOS!

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Thu Apr 1 07:11:59 CEST 2004

LOL! hahahaha.

By the way, my name is Tom Brett, and I have been following the ReactOS 
for quite some time, without actually getting involved or speaking 

and at some point I'd like to do just that.

I'm a _VERY_ good computer programmer, and hacker.
and can code in 7 "programming languages"

(if you call HTML , PERL and JAVA "programming languages")

I've been coding since I was 13, when I started out on MS-DOS batch 
I am fully self taught, and I know how the windows P.C. Works inside 
and out.

Quite literally.
(I got a job building them once for a living ...)

I am now 28 - since today is my birthday! (believe it or not!) - NO 


I wrote my first hack when I was 15 on BBC basic on an RM Nimbus 
Back in the days of 8086's.

And got suspended from College whilst doing a "Programming Course" for 
the teachers passwords! so as you can tell, I'm a very good programmer 

hacker, and I would like to get involved in the ReactOS project.

It's been a very long time since I've done any C or turbo pascal based 
but I'd like to get involved anyway. (And I'm sure it'll come back to 
me in time).

How can I get started in helping to improve the superior project known 
as ReactOS?
What would be the best place to start???

Kind Regards,
Tom Brett.

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Now, after about 5 minutes, I have just realized that it's the first of
april... I was thinking everybody is going crazy ;)

On Thursday 01 April 2004 10:48, Jake Black wrote:
> I have been following this project for quite a long time, and never 
> found anything to work on, until recently.
> Having studied COBOL for the past few years, it seems like a really 
> language - especially as you don't need to comment your code 
> So I have rewritten most of the kernel in COBOL, because, as I have 
> taught:
> - COBOL is so easy to understand, even newcomers to the project will 
> whats going on by looking at the sources
> - COBOL has been around for years, so must've had a lot of 
> and improvements made
> - COBOL deals with large amounts of data so efficiently that it 
> need to use arrays, it can just swap data to and from the disk in 
> - COBOL is fast and easy to use - so the development time should be 
> It's taken me quite a long time to do this, but it should be worth it 
> Anyway, I have to get going now - if anyone wants to see what I've 
> I'll give you the link later.
> Ciao
> J
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