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Keyboards url, happy hacking and kbdse.c: 
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this message is not specific about keyboard drivers - but about keyboards 

http://www.pfu.co.jp/hhkeyboard/kb_collection/   - this url i found when 
looking for keymaps 

maybe some of you may think this url is not interesting at all because maybe 
close to 99% of the keyboards used on ReactOS are msWindows based    - but 
anyway, it's interesting for an historic research  - and who knows important 
when ReactOS will appear as multi-architecture (x86, ppc, risc, ibm-power, 
alpha, and so on) 

a special focus on this site i do over the 3 first Happy Hacking ones - 
Linux users should know it (from LinuxJournal advertises) - interesting 
would be if these minimal keyboards (not only beign ps2 connectable and 
missing the annoying WinKey) - not from drivers at all, but from 
configurations could allow us to get all ascii code possible with so few 
keys available (it's not impossible...) 

Johannes Olofsson: thanks for feedback 

the NOCAPS issue is a bug from my converter (of course the result can be 
fixed anyway... ) - it only gets automatically from a-z and A-Z (all under 
ascii-128)(i can't remember if i fixed it)   - my goal would be providing 
the most complete keyboard layouts as possible, not getting limited from the 
MS defaults (the Portuguese-Standard is very limited, and typing alt-0xxx 
all the time really sucks, surely also with swedish keymap) 


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