[ros-kernel] Crash in bootvid.sys on head with VMware 4.5.2

Filip Navara xnavara at volny.cz
Wed Jun 30 01:23:16 CEST 2004

Hi Steven,

since this problem become more widespread across the user base I decided 
to take a look at it. What I found is that the problem is the 
multithreaded nature of our bootvid driver. While it loads the boot 
splash in one thread, the boot process continues. Unfortnetly it's so 
fast that the splash loading isn't even finished and bootvid is called 
to cleanup. It unmaps the video memory and crash happens in the second 
thread (that is still loading the splash).

I thought about (temporary) solving it by waiting for terminating the 
bootvid thread on cleanup. Unfortunetly that's currently not safe too 
because there are other timeouts involved during the boot and it can 
happen that bootvid cleanup will be resumed after switching to graphics 
mode (using videoprt) and that's bad thing (TM). My solution to this was 
to call InbvEnableBootDriver(FALSE) in videoprt while opening the 
display device (like in Windows), but unfortunetly that only crashed the 

Since I'm going asleep now I decided that I would write it down so it 
will not be forgotten. Any help on this issue is welcome.


Steven Edwards wrote:

>I dont what the deal is but I have nothing but problems with
>bootvid.sys on this box. Other people I have talked to have issues with
>Vmware 4.5.x as well but I think my hardware may be flaky... anyway if
>I remove bootvid.sys then ReactOS loads.
>DriverBase for \SystemRoot\system32\win32k.sys: de983000
>DriverBase for \SystemRoot\system32\freetype.dll: deaf1000
>DriverBase for \SystemRoot\System32\kbdus.dll: deb69000
>KeBugCheckWithTf at ke/catch.c:172
>Bug detected (code 1e param 0 0 0 0)
>Page Fault Exception: 14(2)
>Processor: 0 CS:EIP 8:ddcbd01e <bootvid.sys: 201e>
>cr2 ddcfe316 cr3 294000 Proc: c13f43c8 Pid: 1 <SYSTEM> Thrd: c1416c50
>Tid: 17
>DS 10 ES 10 FS 30 GS 10
>EAX: 00000d00   EBX: 00001300   ECX: 00000018
>EDX: 0000000d   EBP: ddd10f48   ESI: ddcfe314   ESP: ddd10ed4
>EDI: 00000000   EFLAGS: 00210216 kESP ddd10ed4 kernel stack base
>Frames: <bootvid.sys: 1560> <bootvid.sys: 190f> <bootvid.sys: 1db5>
><ntoskrnl.exe: 3410>
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