[ros-dev] headers suggestion

Casper Hornstrup chorns at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Nov 21 17:21:25 CET 2004


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> > I don't understand why you want two free SDK projects.
> I am not wanting to create two free SDK Projects. Lets be 
> clear the the mingw SDK/DDK is good but the rules for getting 
> anything in to it are crazy. MSDN has been known to be wrong 
> almost every other day so using it as a primary source of 
> information flawed. The Wine headers already exist so its not 
> like I am talking about creating something new here.
> They have shown a willingness to work with us so we should 
> work with them.
> Thanks
> Steven

Which rules are crazy? MSDN is usually right btw. You are
greatly exaggerating. You have to see it in the bigger
perspective. MSDN has tons of information and is made by
humans and since humans tend to make mistakes every now and then,
MSDN will have them too. Why don't you post in their newsgroups
about the mistakes you've found so they have a chance of fixing
them? I've found the MS newgroups to be a valuable way to get
your voice heard and to get help with problems.


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