[ros-dev] HP webOS goes opensource

Ameen Ross a.ross at amdev.eu
Wed Jan 18 20:45:15 UTC 2012

You do know that there were actually 2 sides to that story?

On 01/18/2012 07:18 PM, Timo Kreuzer wrote:
> Am 18.01.2012 16:06, schrieb Aleksey Bragin:
>> P.S. Proper answer from Linux team would be "We accept patches!" :-).
> Maybe that doesn't match reality. I remember reading an article by 
> some guy who wrote lots of patches for the scheduler and finally 
> rewrote the whole thing.
> It proved to perform better than the original scheduler and many 
> people were using it, yet it never got incorporated into the mainline 
> kernel.
> At some point some other guy rewrote the original scheduler doing 
> basically the same thing that he had developed earlier and at that 
> point he quit linux development.
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