[ros-general] great project / suggestions

Jan Tisje jan.tisje at gmx.de
Sat Feb 21 10:26:48 CET 2004


yesterday I read the first time about ReactOS. Probably it exactly is,
what I am dreaming about for years.

Small, stable, easy to use. and compatible to windows.... GREAT

I did not read the whole list archies yet, so please be patient, if my
ideas are old ones ;-)

Since I do not understand C (in fact I hate c/cpp) some very odd
suggestions are, to use very current technologies like
- a progamming language that is cool (probably no one exists yet)

so, for now it seems to be best to stay with c/cpp. :-(

that means to me it does not make sense to help in kernel development. 

A part that I could imagine is, finding software that is "cool" and
assigning "certificates" to this software. 

ok, it seems a little bit early compared to reactOS state... but, let us
think about it. 

A great problem on windows at the time is, 
there are millions of software projects, free or commercial, that one
can easily find to be very bad in software architecture and/or GUI
Now if reactOS gets more mighty on the OS market, it could be an
instance that labels good software and thus forces software development
to raise in quality.

different labels to give: 
"reactOS compatible", "easy to use", "poweruser software", "absolutly

It took me years to find some great software and I think I can name some
applications that will fit, and some that will never. ;-)

later, reactOS could use these certificates to obtain money from
commercial software developers, as M$ does with its driver certificates.
"reactOS certified" ;-)

what do you think?



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