[ros-dev] when will I return Magnus Olsen aka GreatLord (gedmurphy)

Cameron Gutman aicommander at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 23:43:14 CEST 2008

I tested some of GreatLord's regressions and I can see how Aleksey would
get angry about all the fixes he has to do to GreatLord's code, but
GreatLord has fixed a whole lot more than he has broken and Fireball
chasing around 'if (Foo == FALSE)' and changing it to 'if (!Foo)' seems
pointless. We've got plenty of code formatted as 'if (Foo == FALSE)' in
the kernel that works great. Aleksey is making more work for himself by
making needless changes to GreatLord's code. All that is needed is
someone with commit access that is willing to correct GreatLord's
comments. I don't have a problem with finding a regression of GL's here
or there. Sure he should test his code before committing but as far as
breakages, but his code usually correct and all coders create breakages
one time or another.

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